Battlelog 20 for Battlefield 4 explained in Dice video

first_imgEA and Dice introduced the Battlelog feature when Battlefield 3 released. It offered up additional information away from the actual game in the form of a mini social network of sorts. You can access stats, leader boards, manage friends, monitor yours and other player’s progress, and even create matches and launch the game.With the coming release of Battlefield 4, Battlelog is getting a complete overhaul and will be launched as Battlelog 2.0. You can see what’s new in the video below:Battlelog 2.0 has clearly expanded upon the functionality offered in v1.0, and embraces the use of smartphones and tablets when you can’t be sat at your PC or console playing the game. Not only that, but those extra screens remain useful even when you are playing.Alongside what you could already do (stats, server tracking, etc.) you can now utilize your tablet as a second screen for the game. The tablet becomes a mini-map, and one where you can monitor other players and even setup attack points with a tap of the screen. And while you tablet is doing that, your smartphone can be displaying your loadout, allowing you to select and accessorize weapons that instantly get updated for your character in the game.That instant game changing extends to servers. Not happy with the game you are playing? Find another server and game using a second device and quickly transfer to it, never having left the game on your main display.If such gimmicks don’t interest you, then maybe the Missions feature will. You can create missions to challenge you friends, for example, who is the best at destroying enemy type X. That challenge can be confined to friends, or expanded to your city, country, or even globally. Updates as to how you are doing can also be sent to your mobile device, so if you lose the lead while sitting at work, you’ll instantly know about it.Battlefield 4 is set for release on October 29 with Battlelog 2.0 launching alongside it. Better have a tablet and smartphone at the ready if you intend to take full advantage of it.last_img

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