NASA Captures RedHanded Avalanche on Mars in Mesmerizing Photo

first_img NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter recently spotted an avalanche on the Red Planet and it shows off Mars’ dark red hues.The image was snapped by the spacecraft’s HiRISE camera at 13:14 local Mars time on May 29, NASA said in a press release.During the spring season, the sun shines on the side of the stack of layers at the Red Planet’s North Pole, which are known as the north polar layered deposits. This heat destabilizes the ice and causes blocks to break loose in this area.At the North Pole of Mars, springtime is avalanche season! ⁣The @HiRISE camera on our Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft captured this cloud of dust May 29, as melting ice blocks broke loose and tumbled down a cliff over 1600ft (500m) tall. Zoom in:— NASA (@NASA) September 11, 2019Once they reach the bottom of the cliff face, which is more than 500 meters (approximately 1,640 feet) tall, the blocks send up a giant cloud of dust. The layers underneath show different colors and textures that vary on the amount of dust mixed with ice.The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has snapped other bizarre events on Mars, including a blue-toned landslide, earlier this year. In April, the spacecraft captured an image of the beautiful landslide in the Cerberus Fossae area of the Red Planet. The light blue boulders on the slope look like they’re originating at a layer of bedrock near the top of the section, while the dark thin lines are recurring slope lineae, which may be due to active landslides on Mars’ steep slopes.Known as MRO, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has observed Mars’ atmosphere and terrain from orbit for the past 13 years. It features HiRISE, a powerful camera that has captured thousands of images of Mars and is helping scientists learn more about the planet’s unique surface features.More on Attaches Helicopter to Mars 2020 RoverTourists Can Now ‘Experience Life on Mars’ in a Cave in SpainNASA Picks Marshall Space Flight Center as HQ for Moon Lander Best Skywatching Events in September 2019NASA Attaches Helicopter to Mars 2020 Rover Stay on targetlast_img

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