Review Eyce Silicone Beaker Water Pipe

first_imgStay on target DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer Review: Vaping Gets TinyReview: G Pen Elite Vaporizer Silicone smokeware manufacturer Eyce has launched their latest product, the Beaker. Silicone products have the advantage of not breaking if dropped, and being dramatically cheaper than glass alternatives — especially for larger pieces. We’ve positively reviewed several of their earlier works, but this is the first proper water pipe the company has made, but is it worth the wait? Find out in our review of the squishy giant.The basics of the Beaker should be familiar to anyone who’s spent some time at a music festival or anyone who’s visited a college campus… like ever. For those who don’t know, though, the basic premise is simple. You have a bowl which you load with material. This slides into a tube that runs into the piece. The piece is filled with water, and when you light the material in the bowl and inhale, the vapor then gets pulled through the water where it’s cooled, before heading up the body of the piece and into your lungs.There’s a few other things to know, like how to maneuver the bowl, but those are the basics and will give you enough context for to understand this review.Water pipes need to be able to do a few things, but they aren’t too complicated. First, it’s worth noting that they are a little bit of an indulgence. With some studies done on the subject, water pipes tend to provide larger, more… eh… aggressive hits. The water cools the smoke/vapor down dramatically, meaning that your lungs will accept more before they tap out and force a cough. At the same time, you lose some of the product to the water. So you get more effects, but lose a little in the process. Like spilling a little when you try to take a shot.And, in accomplishing that main goal, the Beaker is pretty damned effective. The bowl is a nice build quality and fits snugly into the body of the pipe, and you can even drop some small ice cubes into the lower chamber to cool things down even further. It’s not a novel feature, by any means, but it’s effective and in line with other nicer water pipes on the market. Better, even, because there’s also a storage compartment on the underside. Most Eyce products have the signature storage compartment, but this is by far the largest. It’s enough to hold quuuuuiiiiite a bit of material — way more than would be practical. In my time with it, I used the chamber to keep additional cleaning supplies which made for easy maintenance and a great experience.In fact, the only complaints I have with the Beaker are that the bowl was cracked on arrival (though it’s been plenty functional regardless) and that cleaning the lower chamber can be a bit of a pain, but no more so than a similar water pipe. The added flexibility (literally) of the silicone made me feel a lot safer taking big inhales. Even with some serious use and the occasional tip, I never had to worry about anything more than spilled pipe water — which, don’t get me wrong, is still a bummer — so the night was never ruined by a party foul. The fact that it’s cheaper than a lot of comparable alternatives, too, is just another point in its favor.Overall, Eyce’s Beaker is a capable, flexible piece that would be a fine addition to anyone’s arsenal. And given the nature of the product and how easy it can be to say… let a pipe slip when things get heated, the peace of mind in knowing that your gear won’t shatter is a great one.ProsDurable silicone constructionEasy to use, has everything you’d want in a water pipeConvenient storage containerConsCan be hard to cleanlast_img

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