May 2017

child’s request is the source of motivation for parents to buy. A new generation of children on the high quality of life requirements, including clothing, catering and other aspects. Brand children’s clothing store business becomes better, many entrepreneurs choose to participate in this industry.

investment to join the project runs a children’s clothing brand agent can get a good development. Such a good market has attracted the attention of investors. The number of brands of children’s clothing stores in the market is also very much, and is rapidly increasing, the market competition is also great. How to improve the store sales and win the competition? How to open the brand children’s clothing store?. read more

go on the Road shop, and has obtained the success, this is not a simple matter, decisive factors are very much, Xiao Bian here will be for you to analyze, look at what are the main factors of the success of the shop!

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West Point shop can be described as the girl’s favorite, while women consume a large share of the market economy. Sometimes joint effects can also increase the sales performance of West Point store.

bakery money? How to open a bakery bakery? How location? For these problems, ready to make money you can open the bakery, prior to a clear understanding that, today, there are about the prospect of bakery and location is small for you to introduce.

baking industry — twenty-first Century "gold industry" with the accelerated pace of social development and the improvement of people’s quality of life, bread, pastry with its convenient, nutritious and delicious, are accepted by more and more people, and gradually to the development of staple food. It can be predicted, bread, West Point industry is in a rapid rise in recent years, there will be more people into the gold rush. According to the China baking food industry association responsible person, nearly two years Chinese Cake Bakery market showing a trend of rapid development, large supermarkets, small, the station appeared in different brands, different grades of Cake Bakery, only the Beijing area is 1500, annual sales of over 1 billion yuan, most of them in private. Flexible operation, fast development of the market, the average annual growth of nearly 10%. The baking industry is a "stunning" of the industry, many experts say China bakery market has just started, there will be 30 years of spring! In recent years market performance also to the experts face, the annual national market capacity growth rate of nearly 30%, many in the western backward areas of growth rate even reached 50%. A pastry shop to make money? The baking industry is still in the three different days of the Greenwood era, no brand can only lead Chinese the entire market, a certain brand of even the country’s most influential, the market share is less than 3%. At present, in addition to Beijing, Shanghai, there is a slight competition between the brands, the rest of the market, the brand in the terminal sales can not feel the pressure of competition. The mainstream of the brand in the baking market reflects the "Hello, I’m good, everyone good" situation. Even a lot of the single shop in front of the "copycat bakery" also live very moist. The main street in the big city, the brand of Cake Bakery buildings, high rents, luxurious decoration, shop always People are hurrying to and fro. their profit margins and market prices, said Yu face. read more

people of different personalities are suitable for different entrepreneurial path, which is like the Western constellation research, for different constellations will study different conclusions and common ground. Today, we have to do a test to see what you are suitable for entrepreneurial road.

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cold stores are very popular every year in the summer, cold drink shop, now is a lot in the high streets and back lanes that, when joining some cold store will have what stress? Let’s take a look.

"magic drink" cold drink shop to join the project, the hands of only a few million, also can become big business:

1, entrepreneurial support: headquarters to provide professional and technical training, gift shop professional equipment, decoration VI CD, providing raw materials and new product training guidance. read more

said Wanda, I believe that young people tend to think of Wang Sicong, in fact, President Wang Jianlin Wanda is a great tribute to the recent heady, son of Wang Sicong, Wang Jianlin will give what kind of evaluation?

11 9, the 61 year old Wang Jianlin told the Beijing News reporter interview in Beijing, the Xiaoping Southern entrepreneurs said on the eve of the sea, entrepreneurs are the most important quality is innovation, do not think of others, do not do well.

on the current business trend, Wang Jianlin also expressed their views, in his view, "burn mode" and "O2O subsidy wars" is not reliable behavior, relies entirely on the burn, certainly not live. The specific talk about what the problem? The following turn from the new Beijing News, the original title is "Wang Jianlin model" burn electricity supplier is a mistake, tiger sniffing made excerpts. read more

entrepreneurs today, most of them do not have enough money and experience, the pursuit of the goal is not only profit loss, which requires these small entrepreneurs who want to identify those who do not lose the industry. Those who do not lose the industry which? Here, Xiao Bian will introduce you one by one.

A member of the


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if it is to enter a new industry, everything is in a strange state, many people have no experience, it will inevitably take some detours. As for the network of this virtual platform, detours is a way to go, so if you come to the network of entrepreneurship, how should we avoid detours?

1, choose a good website construction enterprise.

The use of

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