first_img Top Searches Top Searches WestAdams CountyWEST I know you’re out there, I just don’t see you too clearSeptember 11, 2020Mark CarpenterSports0 By Mark Carpenter-The world really is a beautiful place, wonders everywhere. I realized that even more last weekend when my son FaceTimed me from the Grand Canyon. Stunning, if one can actually see such a thing. The problem is that I can’t see it, literally. Actually, because of some issues with my eyes, I’m having trouble seeing a few things. I usually don’t care to air my private issues out there for the public, but I thought I should explain in case anyone out there thought I was being anti-social or awkward.I suppose I should tell you the whole story. About 7-8 years ago, I woke up with some sort of fog in my left eye, not enough to cause too many problems, but enough to be annoying. I eventually saw an eye specialist who diagnosed me with a flipped optic nerve that couldn’t be repaired. Turned out he was wrong but he did say there was about a 20% chance of the same thing happening in my right eye. My eyes adjusted and it really wasn’t anything I noticed after that point.Fast forward to about two weeks ago and I woke up noticing something not quite right with my right eye. That 20% had hit with a vengeance, best described as someone putting a big thumb print on your glasses that is a little tough to see through. Off to Maysville to get it checked out and the whole variety of tests, which if you know me and how I am about my eyes, was no fun at all.Finally, the optometrist came back in and kind of threw me for a loop when she said that I should likely get to an ER in the city to get an MRI on my head, Wait, what? According to her something was making my optic nerve swell and an MRI would rule out an aneurysm or anything like that. Needless to say I wasn’t expecting that but once the shock wore off I called my wife and told her to stay home until I got there, we were headed for the city.Since she had been treated at UC for the past few months, we decided that was where we would go and let me tell you what, the ER at UC is quite a cast of characters, as Aimee put it, I dropped her into a “bowl of COVID soup.”Well, you know how waiting in an ER can make for a long night but I was lucky enough to get in quick because I was going to their “eye” room, where of course the adventure began again, dilating, numbing, flashing lights, eye charts that I couldn’t have seen with perfect vision.I thought I was there for a catscan or MRI and I admit I was getting a little queasy about that. After the usual hours of waiting, a fellow with an accent popped in the door and said something that I totally didn’t understand, mainly because of the mask. My wife translated, “he wants to take you for the catscan.” I hopped up off the bed and said, “Let’s do it” and about that same time a nurse popped in and informed us that I wasn’t going to be needing a catscan or an MRI, my head said “thank you.”After that, more ophthalmologists came in and more shiny lights in my eyes and finally after about six hours in that room, we had some sort of diagnosis. (On a side note, I found Andy Griffith on the TV in the room so all was not lost.) Anyway, I have something called non-arthritic optic neuropathy, a fancy way of saying that some of the blood flow to my optic nerve is being restricted, which is causing the fog in my right eye. Treatment, come back in a month and we’ll see. Ugh.With all that being explained, don’t be shocked if I see you in public and it takes me a hot second to recognize you. I know you’re there but at the moment, the Blob is between us. Don’t worry, I’ve been able to do everything I did before, just a little slower.Computer screens can be blown up and magnifying glasses can enlarge small print, so I’m good to go on the work front. In fact, I am typing this column on my laptop while watching Barney nail Otis with a tomato. All is well for now.If you pas me on the highway, don’t panic. Driving actually hasn’t been a problem, just requires the focus that 16-year olds learn in driver’s ed class. Night time can be tricky, but not really because of my eyes, more because of those ridiculous LED lights that would blind anyone but spot that deer from three miles away. Just keep it between the lines!I’m a big fan of Sherlock Holmes and the novels by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, read every story while sitting inhigh school study hall. I loved the Basil Rathbone movies on Saturday mornings (not that Robert Downey, Jr, crap). Many illusrations of Holmes have him carrying his trusty magnifying glass, something which you might spot me doing these days. Don’t worry, I’m not investigating for some mad hound on the loose, I’m just enlarging the print to see it a little bit better. Any volunteers to be my Dr. Watson?Perhaps the irony of this whole thing is the the one place that I can see everything the clearest is through my camera lens. Odd, but true, so I guess I’ll keep taking pictures, though I’m not always sure who I am capturing.So if you see me out there social distancing, it may be only because I’m looking for the right angle or light where I can see things the best. Hopefully, this will go away soon but if not, I’ll adjust and move right on. I have noticed that I can see my 55-inch TV screen pretty well so if anyone has a 55-inch computer screen out there… PreviousBrown County Visitors GuideNextLeora J. Colvin Around the WebThis Video Will Soon Be Banned. 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