first_imgAdvertisements Beneficiaries under the Ministry of Transport, Works and Housing’s Jubilee ‘50 for 50’ Housing Initiative, are giving thanks that they are now mortgage-free.For Carleen Barrett of St. Catherine, it is as if a huge weight has been lifted from her shoulders. Mrs. Barrett tells JIS News that she cried when she heard that she was one of 50 persons to benefit under the initiative that is writing off the mortgage of 50 clients of the Ministry.She, along with some 46 other persons received their certificate of title at a special ceremony on July 30 at the Knutsford Court hotel in New Kingston.Mrs. Barrett explains that earlier this year she was in arrears and was given 30 days notice to get off the land. She says her daughter managed to pay $150,000 in January on the property. Three months later, she received a call that the remaining balance was being reduced by $50,000.  She informs that her daughter journeyed from Hanover to Kingston to pay the remainder. Unfortunately, her only child died in late May before she could see her mother receive the land title.“I was just crying that she should be here but I know that her spirit is here,” Mrs. Barrett says.“I don’t have to pay anything. I feel so good I thank the Lord and I thank all who are here and may God bless them. Whatever my daughter did for me it is through the Lord and I have to thank him,” she says.Ann-Marie Clarke, who spoke on behalf of the beneficiaries, says it is a joyous occasion for them to be finally getting their official, legal claim to a piece of Jamaica.“This will empower us economically in that we can now access loans either for ourselves to start small businesses or further the education of our children. It will also empower us in that it will help to improve our self-worth and self-esteem to have something in hand to say that we actually own a piece of property in Jamaica, we are not just here,” she says.Michelin Dias of Mount Edgecombe, St. Ann, is equally happy. “I feel a bigger woman now to own my own title, my own piece of earth that I can use it to help school my grandchildren and my last son, who is going to college,” Ms. Dias says, as she offered thanks on behalf of the people of the community.Joseph Lloyd, also of Mt. Edgecombe, expressed delight at receiving his title. “I waited so long for this title and now that I get it I am so delighted. My immediate plan is to set the future for my youths,” he notes.Ulalee Whitney of Nannyville Gardens, Kingston, informs that she struggled to pay for her land and was feeling wonderful now that she has her title. While she has no immediate plans for the money saved from the debt forgiveness, she says her children might have plans for the title.The Jubilee ‘50 for 50’ Housing Initiative was instituted as part of the Housing Ministry’s efforts to celebrate Jamaica’s 50 years of political independence.Beneficiaries are primary account holders, who are 50 years or older. Other criteria included: account balance of less than $50,000; the account should not be inactive for more than 50 weeks; and having a Registered Certificate of Title for the property. Some 47 persons from across the island benefitted from the initiative.Minister without Portfolio with responsibility for Housing, Hon. Dr. Morais Guy, says that a pivotal push of various administrations over these last 50 years is to empower the Jamaican people, particularly through social provisions.“It’s a drive this administration, led by Prime Minister Simpson-Miller, has been keen on not just maintaining, but bolstering. I know she has made it clear on several occasions that the social welfare of the people must be taken into consideration in all our endeavours.  This, of course, we do in a pragmatic and fiscally responsible manner,” he says.He notes that on a yearly basis, the Ministry undertakes several programmes that result in many benefitting from increased access to shelter solutions, however, it had to do “something extraordinary” during Jamaica’s Jubilee year.The Minister likened the certificate of title to a visa. “Much like the visa, a title is a privilege to have, a title allows you access to several economic ‘gateways’ and even if you don’t use your title, it’s always good to tell others you have one. There’s nothing like declaring that the car, the house and the land all belong to you. There’s a major difference however between the two documents. While the visa comes with expiry dates ranging from a few months to 10 years, your title is yours for as long as you want,” he points out.Minister of Youth and Culture, Hon. Lisa Hanna, who has portfolio responsibility for ‘Jamaica 50’ projects, praised the initiative.She points out that the ceremony is happening at a special time in the country’s  history, just days before the country begins celebrating 175 years of full freedom and 75 years of the birth of the labour movement and workers rights.She notes that the journey has not been easy and “sometimes those of us who were born after forget the immense sacrifice that those before us had made towards our political independence, our freedom, our nationhood and our identity as a people.”Ms. Hanna adds that celebrating 50 years of political independence means that we are free as a people to choose our destinies “and a part of that destiny is owning a part of this rock.” Story HighlightsThe Jubilee ‘50 for 50’ Housing Initiative was instituted as part of the Housing Ministry’s efforts to celebrate Jamaica50 Beneficiaries are primary account holders, who are 50 years or olderA pivotal push of various administrations over these last 50 years is to empower the Jamaican people RelatedFocus on Youth in Agriculture at Denbigh FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail center_img RelatedCulture Minister Impressed With Number of Young People at Vigil RelatedThousands Attend Independence Grand Gala Mortgage-Free Homeowners Grateful CultureJuly 31, 2013Written by: Andrea Brahamlast_img read more

first_imgThe ‘Coronavirus’ pandemic has been the greatest equaliser of recent times. It has not discriminated between any of the barriers that human beings have created. It has made the high and mighty to come down from their imaginary throne and seek shelter like ordinary people. Each and every one who values life has, even if it is grudgingly, put himself under house arrest! I am looking at the street from my window at 7 pm and there are no cars racing, no horns blaring, no quarrelling over space to walk or park. Barring a few cars parked on the sides of the street, no vehicles are in sight. There are no maids, delivery boys, vendors anywhere in sight. All religions and religious leaders have been awakened to the humbling effect of the ‘Coronavirus’. Of the many calamities and disasters that man has experienced in the past century, none have been as global and all encompassing as this one. No nation has been spared, however developed or developing! None of the Superpowers were able to stop the ‘Coronavirus’ virus from entering their country! The virus has spread from country to country by tourists and travellers unknowingly and unintentionally but the ‘Coronavirus’ has become an international pandemic.People are dying in thousands in many countries owing to the virus. Every nation and every government is dealing with this calamity on a war footing. Closer home, the lockdown imposed by the government is an extremely valid step taken for containing the spread of the disease. Here, the ‘Coronavirus’ had exposed the so-called educated amongst us. These people walk on empty streets during a curfew to enjoy the fresh and pollution free air exposing themselves to the ‘Coronavirus’ virus that is also enjoying the fresh air! Since there is nothing better to do with life currently, they think they will gamble their life with the virus! The ‘Coronavirus’ has also exposed the self proclaimed evangelists who are constantly spreading second hand knowledge of things they might not know and have not bothered to verify. And with the social media at their fingertips, all kinds of tips keep flying off their keyboards, verification to be done by the recipient.Here and now, man has made to bow down to Nature, humbled by the quickness and grip with which the ‘Coronavirus’ virus has spread across the globe. This isn’t a disaster where one can expect relief and help to come from somewhere else, since there is nowhere else that has escaped the virus. With man constantly exploiting Nature and its resources, encroaching on the habitats of other organisms for his own space isn’t enough for him, he has himself brought this pandemic on him. There are millions of microorganisms in Nature that man isn’t even aware of and the more he pushes his luck, the more he is going to invite disaster. A teeny tiny microorganism invisible to the naked eye has the mighty man dancing to its tune. Nature is trying to knock sense into man – here is his chance to accept that Nature fuels his self and it’s time to judiciously use the intelligence endowed to him by Her. The ‘Coronavirus’ pandemic is an eye opener to the priorities in life. This is the time to sit calmly at home and enjoy the privilege of being alive.last_img read more

first_imgEach year, a group of Mission residents, elected officials and city staff come together to provide a happy holiday season for area families in need.The city works in collaboration with local schools to identify students whose families could use help providing a holiday meal or gifts. And this year, the impact of Mission’s Holiday Adoption Program was substantial.Through the donations and volunteer efforts of Mission’s crew, the city was able to provide meals and/or Christmas gifts to 86 area families. The city was also able to provide nearly 70 gently used bicycles to area kids through a partnership with BikeWalkKC.Volunteers gathered at the Sylvester Powell, Jr., Community Center on Wednesday to package up holiday meals, wrap presents and organize distribution.The program was established by Mission councilwoman Suzie Gibbs.last_img read more

first_img During Minnesota’s home game against Indiana on Friday night, Goldy took to Twitter to show off the new outfits.First came Goldy’s take on Frankenstein’s monster.Costume 1: It’s Alive! That’s right FrabkenGoldy’s monster is coming to Gopher Spirit Rally and the tailgate lots! #GoldyHalloween pic.twitter.com/ajZEdg7HsE— Goldy Gopher (@GoldytheGopher) October 26, 2018Then came King Bowser from Super Mario Bros. Costume 2. Having a shell of a good time! I’m Bowser! Watch out for my shell throws. #GoldyHalloween pic.twitter.com/icpP1AMj9G— Goldy Gopher (@GoldytheGopher) October 26, 2018Bob Ross decided to stop by and paint some happy little trees . . .Costume 3: The joy of @GopherFootball Bob Ross Goldy! #GoldyHalloween pic.twitter.com/9LmAbYs3jD— Goldy Gopher (@GoldytheGopher) October 27, 2018. . . followed by Black Panther all the way from Wakanda.Costume 4: Minnesota Forever. #BlackPantherGoldy #GoldyHalloween pic.twitter.com/6SkwBYPQuI— Goldy Gopher (@GoldytheGopher) October 27, 2018Dwight Schrute from “The Office” was in town on business all the way from Scranton, Pa.Costume 5: Question. What type of mascot is best? #DwightSchrute #GoldyHalloween pic.twitter.com/6bDqM0LVps— Goldy Gopher (@GoldytheGopher) October 27, 2018An appearance by WALL-E was a pleasant surprise.Costume 6: GOLD-E is cleaning up! #WALLE #GoldyHalloween pic.twitter.com/bnxz35uzdM— Goldy Gopher (@GoldytheGopher) October 27, 2018Then the Tin Man stopped by on his way to the Emerald City. Halloween is just around the corner, and the mascot for the University of Minnesota can’t hardly wait.Goldy the Gopher has dressed for the occasion since 2013, and this week it teased a new set of costumes on the internet: Costume 7: follow the Golden Brick Road! #Tinman #GoldyHalloween pic.twitter.com/FfbAFHeVbs— Goldy Gopher (@GoldytheGopher) October 27, 2018The Predator was on hand to watch the Gophers as well.Costume 8: Did you that #Gophers are the natural predators of Hoosiers? #Predator #GoldyHalloween pic.twitter.com/xTBFY3vztC— Goldy Gopher (@GoldytheGopher) October 27, 2018Finally, a member of the Incredibles arrived just in time to save the day.Costume 9: This is a pretty Incredible #GoldyHalloween #MrIncredible pic.twitter.com/duRajvkN6D— Goldy Gopher (@GoldytheGopher) October 27, 2018It’s safe to say when it comes to Halloween costumes, Goldy is truly a cut above the rest.center_img #GoldyHalloween is exactly 48 hours away! Here are a few of my favorites from the past. What do you think I should be this year??? pic.twitter.com/MrmgTuPGLw— Goldy Gopher (@GoldytheGopher) October 25, 2018All Gophers Rise! #GoldyHalloween is coming, tonight at @GopherFootball gameday! #SpookUMah #Gameday pic.twitter.com/jd4eBtSe7U— Goldy Gopher (@GoldytheGopher) October 26, 2018From Iron Man to Shrek, Goldy has set the costume bar pretty high, and the latest show didn’t disappoint.PHOTOS: Live animal mascotslast_img read more