first_img Chris Howard, research vice president at Gartner, said that “four years ago, AI implementation was rare, only 10% of survey respondents reported that their organizations had deployed AI or would do so shortly. For 2019, that number has leapt to 37% — a 270% increase in four years. If you are a CIO and your organisation doesn’t use AI, chances are high that your competitors do and this should be a concern.” The sudden ramp up in using AI has led to a shortage of AI-knowledgeable employees. Major tech businesses now, like Microsoft, Google, Nvidia, and Amazon have large number of job openings for AI engineers. All companies, especially smaller ones, are having a hard time of finding and recruiting AI talent. Howard said that “we still remain far from general AI that can wholly take over complex tasks, but we have now entered the realm of AI-augmented work and decision science — what we call ‘augmented intelligence’.”center_img Enterprises now see Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) as tools for their organizations. AI adoption has tripled over the last year. last_img read more

first_imgGalloping IndustryYour cover story (“The High Stakes Gamble”, April 15) provided an interesting insight into the world of horse-racing and somewhat redeemed my opinion of what I thought was a highly uninteresting sport. But in India, unless this sport is covered by TV and radio it will always remain a,Galloping IndustryYour cover story (“The High Stakes Gamble”, April 15) provided an interesting insight into the world of horse-racing and somewhat redeemed my opinion of what I thought was a highly uninteresting sport. But in India, unless this sport is covered by TV and radio it will always remain a passion of a few unlike other sports like cricket.Calcutta Dipak ChandyThe story on horse-racing was a pleasure even for those who have not witnessed such an event. Nevertheless one is able to enjoy the charm of this sophisticated gambling where men and women, rich and poor, learned and illiterate behave in instant insanity at a particular stage. It is a game of calculation, study and observation – all wrapped up in superstition.Siliguri R.K. GulatiYour cover story on Indian racing was one of your better coverages in recent months. It was a pleasure to go through the article on this galloping industry.Bangalore M.E. ForsterCurtain CallYour photo to feature on the Khajuraho dance festival (April 15) was stupendous. The photographs were the best I have ever seen. However, I would have enjoyed the feature more if you had accompanied it by a brief write-up on the festival. Kudos to Rughu Rai for the superb pictures. Allahabad Nippurn GuptaNeighbourly NostalgiaIt was with a sense of nostalgia that one read your special feature on Pakistan. There was a certain heaviness of heart, too: was Partition really necessary? For beneath the facade of bravado, power lies in the hands of insecure, frightened people who have created a fear psychosis. Yet the common man is friendly, desires to communicate, and above all, has a sense of humanity.Delhi Rajiv HandaPolitical CuresIt is heartening to know (“A New Politics”, April 15) that there are still some who see the light under the bushel of corrupt politics that seems to blight and wither the young minds much before they can see the difference between truth and untruth. Perhaps the time has come for those who have been waiting with more patience than passion to prove that elections can be won without money power.Bangalore Dr G.I. D’SouzaThough the disease that our body politic is suffering from has been diagnosed, the prescription for the cure does not attack the real source of the disease. The legs on which the health and stability of our nation will be restored will start rotting from within unless the political leadership is an embodiment of selflessness.Bombay Baldev K. MehraReading the guest column, I wondered why does it always take so long before someone outlines the logical? The question for the Opposition then is not “what to do” but “how to do it”. And, providing a ‘contrast’ rather than an ‘alternative’ is not achieved by assertive repetition of points of view.New Delhi Ramjee ChandranPatil BattleThank you for the interesting and informative cover story “Patils Under Pressure” (March 31). The aftermath of the explosion of hostility between the Patils and Antulay is bound to appear as a fracture of the carefully built firmament of the Congress(I) in Maharashtra.Sagar Sachin SaksenaIt is interesting how politicians are experts in blaming each other like Antulay and the Patils are doing now. Instead of helping the people who vote them in, they remain engrossed in amassing wealth by corrupt practices for themselves and for their next generations.Jamshedpur Bhupen BoseA Matter Of TrustIn an otherwise good cover story on the Maharashtra political situation (“Patils Under Pressure”, March 31), the Rajmata Jijau Pratishthan has been the target of uncharitable and untrue remarks. The Pratishthan, founded by Mrs Shalinitai Patil in 1975, aims at spreading the message of goodwill and selfless service of Rajmata Jijau, the great mother of Shivaji Maharaj.advertisement Instead of constructing monuments and statues, it decided to promote rural health programmes and rural hospitals. As such it was never interested in any land in Bombay city or its suburbs, let alone the Bandra plot allotted to or claimed by the Spastics Society of India.The charge that Shalinitai Patil persuaded the state Government now headed by her husband Vasantrao Patil to re-allot the Bandra land to her (Rajmata Jijau) trust is not only baseless, but tends to paint the Patils as out to kill all other charitable institutions to grab land for the Pratishthan.As far as the functioning of our hospitals and payment to the CIDCO is concerned, your report has also not done any justice to us. Your adverse comment on the Jijau Hospitals is based on the report of CIDCO PHO/218 of 1979 filed by CIDCO’s public health officer. At that time, the CIDCO was chaired by a Janata (now BJP) MLA Ram Kapse.advertisementMoreover, Hansu Advani, a BJP leader from Bombay was then minister for urban development in Sharad Pawar’s SVD government. With such a set-up at the time, we did not expect a good conduct certificate. But, I assure you that ours is the best run hospital in the CIDCO area. Our OPD is always crowded.We give free treatment to 30 per cent patients and perform all major operations in our modern theatre. Starting with 10 per cent occupancy, we now have 100 per cent occupancy. But who cares to see the bright side?On November 26, 1975, the Pratishthan purchased an 80-bed hospital building at Vashi from CIDCO at a price of Rs 19,52,000. At that time Vashi was the village panchayat and S.B. Chavan the chief minister of Maharashtra. Nobody can charge S.B. Chavan of favouring us.Moreover, a sum of Rs 9,56,000 was paid by the Pratishthan to CIDCO for surgical instruments. Out of the building cost of Rs 19.5 lakh the Pratishthan has already paid Rs 14 lakh. A sum of about Rs 9 lakh is also being charged from us as interest, and thus the total liability is much less.Bombay Shamsul Islam chairman, Rajmata Jijau PratishthanIf the Jijau Pratishthan is not interested in land in Bombay and suburbs but aims only at establishing hospitals in “remote, rural areas” it is hard to see why the trust acquired lands in Vashi and Belapur, both of which are highly urbanised areas and basically like suburbs of Bombay.The trust which was given the land originally meant for the Spastics Society was not the Jijau Foundation; the error is regretted. The trust was, in fact, the Shiv Mudra Pratishthan which had land next door and wanted to extend the Shivaji Memorial Museum coming up on that land. But Shalinitai Patil was instrumental in this re-allotment at the cost of the Spastics Society. Interestingly, the official reason for the removal of the Spastics Society was that the land had been earmarked for cultural purposes – a decidely suspicious excuse since the Maharashtra Regional Town Planning Act was modified subsequently and the society was allotted a plot (in lieu of the one taken away from it) which was originally ear-marked for a cinema. The allotment required a change of land use and deprived the state Government of revenue; there is no reason why such an amendment could not have been made for the original site.The 1979 report has been quoted as an example. In fact, CIDCO’s assessment of the hospital’s functioning has remained basically the same through successive state governments, and INDIA TODAY independent verification of the conditions at the Vashi and Alibagh hospitals corroborate this. And, the fact remains unchanged that large sums of money remain outstanding to CIDCO ten years after the hospital was handed to the Jijau Pratishthan.-EditorWheeling DealingYour revealing story on the discretionary allotments of Maruti cars (March 31) shows up the country’s highest judiciary in the most malodorous situation. What ‘public interest’ is supposed to be served by these allotments. Or does it get served if the chief justice prevents writs challenging ‘discretionary allotments’ from being listed.Chandigarh Dr D.C. SaxenaThe Black SheepThis is in reference to the comments on the budget by Jay Dubashi (March 31). The recent budget was just a gimmick of this election year. The Indian economy will have no future unless and until the tens and thousands of crore of rupees of black money rolling in the hands of a few is unearthed towards the developmental process in order to uplift the downtrodden. But is Mrs Gandhi and her party willing to aid the vast majority of this country? The answer is, no.Karnataka M.J. BennyMood MusicThe article “Songs of Success” (March 31) was interesting. The ghazal boom comes as a refreshing relief for those genuine music lovers who had been wilting for a decade and a half under a barrage of deafening cacophony and unabashed plagiarism.Kerala Prakash ParyethThe Eelam IssueWhile congratulating you for highlighting the problems of Sri Lankan Tamils (“Ominous Presence in Tamil Nadu”, March 31), I would like to point out that we are forced to come over to Tamil Nadu as refugees. And we are grateful to the state Government for letting us stay till the situation improves in our own country.advertisementBut to say that some of us are undergoing military training here is sensationalising the issue. The article has not only embarrassed the Indian Government, it has given the Sri Lankan Government a chance to capitalise on it for their sinister propaganda against Tamils.Madras Yal AlaganThe article was badly timed. True, a large number of Eelam Tamils operate from Madras, but only to serve as a forum for the dissemination of news. The map printed in your magazine is that published by the Eelam freedom fighters before the July 1983 pogrom. Instead of printing such incendiary stuff, your correspondent should have informed readers about the plight of Lankan Tamils fleeing from an originally Tamil country where a right-wing army is going berserk.Bombay Kamil SenguttavanForest FracasTribal landholders in Madhya Pradesh have been exploited (“Fraud in the Forest”, March 31) with the connivance of corrupt revenue and forest officials and dishonest politicians. Besides taking bribes, some officials have actually become partners of local contractors and cornered large sums of money. What’s worse is that the Government has allowed them to go scot-free.Mandla (Madhya Pradesh) Ashok PandeRhino By The HornThe Indian rhino is tragically close to extinction (“Poacher’s Preserve”, March 31), but there is a way to beat the poachers. The Forest Department should cut off the horns of all rhinos and auction them abroad. The money thus collected can be used for the benefit of the national park so that the population of rhinos increases. It is better to see hornless rhinos than no rhinos at all.Pune Sanjiv SaxenaSchool For ScandalTagore’s dream for an international seat of learning will remain impoverished unless the Central Government proposes to amend the Visva-Bharati Act (March 31). In the recent past the university has been reduced to a den of deadly conspiracies.Delhi Praveen S.The Indian ConscienceOn going through your cover story (“Anguish and Anger”, March 15) I felt the horrible state of the Punjab tangle. I am surprised to see that educated people in and out of India still believe in religion. Does the length of hair tell you of the person’s faith? I have long hair but I am not a Sikh or a Hindu. I am 16 years old and I am an Indian.East Berlin Harmit Singhlast_img read more